Print Guidelines

Minimum Order

Minimum Order: At this time, we cannot print orders of fewer than 50 pieces per design. For designs requiring 5 or more colors (including CMYK process prints), the minimum is 100 pieces. Any order with a high number of print locations may be subject to a higher minimum. Please keep our minimums in mind when ordering, as we cannot print fill-in orders of less than the minimum.

Price Breaks

We have price breaks at 100, 250, 500, and 1000+ shirts with the same design. Fill out a quote request here for more pricing info!


We will always do our best to provide you the specific quantity you order, however, due to manufacturing defects, shipping shortages, and spoilage in production, we are only able to offer reprints on orders which are less than 97% complete. A minimum shortage of 3 shirts per design is required for a reprint. In the event of a shortage, we will refund or credit your account for the price paid to us for the shorted items. If you require a set number of shirts, we recommend ordering a few extra!

Artwork Guidelines

We prefer artwork in .psd, .eps, or .ai formats. Please specify any colors and save images to printed dimensions. Artwork not conforming to these guidelines may be subject to a $25 artwork conversion fee. Simple text layout is free through the 2nd round of revisions. 3rd round and beyond will be charged $75/hour for design services. For all orders: We will furnish a digital proof for customer approval before ordering product or printing. Customers are responsible for copyright permissions, etc. Artwork deemed to be inappropriate may be rejected.

Ink Colors

We have hundreds of ink colors on hand, and below is a chart of our most popular colors. If we’re still unable to find a color that matches your needs, or if you require a specific color tone for your business that we don’t already have, please note that we charge a $50 custom color fee to create a new ink. We follow the Pantone Matching System (PMS), solid coated for all spot colors. Dark garments or single-pass prints may affect the tone of the ink, depending on ink opacity.

Turnaround Time

Our standard production turnaround time is 10 business days from confirmation of all order details, including artwork sizing, location, and colors, as well as shirt quantities, sizes, and colors, and applies to pickup orders. Due to current demand, orders may take up to 2-3 weeks to produce. Please let us know when your deadline is when contacting us, and we will alert you of any longer turnaround times.

Rush Fees

Our rush fee structure is split 3 ways. Any order within our 2 week turnaround is subject to a 10% rush fee. Same-week turnaround is subject to a 25% rush fee, and 1-2 day turnaround is subject to a 50% rush fee. This fee will be applied to your pre-tax total. Our ability to rush an order depends on our current production schedule, and while we do our best to offer this service at all times, occasionally we will not be able to accommodate any rush order. Please notify us of your project deadline as soon as possible when requesting a quote and we can review all options.

Lead Time

Please allow at least 2-3 business days for us to finalize your quotes and artwork. It doesn’t always take that long to ensure consistent, high- quality work, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Graphic Design

If you need help with design concepts, we are here to help! Any designs [illustrations, logos, etc] we create from scratch start at $300, which includes three revisions and full rights/access to the design for any purpose. Simple text layouts or edits that can be done within an hour typically start at $75-$100. We will quote any design work before starting a project.

Inside Tags

We can print generic branded tags or custom size tags for your order. If you would like unique size tags, we will need to print at least 24 shirts per shirt size. We cannot print inside tags on hoodies or garments with fleece lining.

Color Changes

If you want to print the same design on shirts with different ink colors, we require a minimum of 50 shirts per ink color. We will apply quantity discounts per total number of shirts getting the same design, and we charge a $10 fee per color change. For example, if you order 50 white shirts with black ink and 50 black shirts with white ink using the same design setup, your order will be discounted at the 100+ shirt price break and incur a $10 color change fee.

Offensive Material Policy

We review all incoming designs or design requests for offensive material that may not align with our company values or may subject our employees to discomfort. We reserve the right to refuse services for any designs containing the following offensive material:

  • Designs that promote intolerance based on race, religion, and sexual orientation, including sexually or racially derogatory language or imagery.
  • Designs that glorify or promote violence towards humans or animals.
  • Designs containing graphic sexual images.
  • Designs that promote or glorify suicide.
  • Designs containing material related to terrorist organizations.
  • Designs that promote or glorify anyone who has been found guilty of violent or sexual crimes.
  • Designs that contain gang affiliations.

Screen Size

Our maximum print dimensions are 14” wide x 15.5” tall for shirts, and 18”x24” for posters.

Screen Fee

We charge a flat $15 screen fee per screen for the setup of new artwork. Each color in your design requires a separate screen. For example, a 2-color front print will incur a $30 flat screen fee, and a 4-color front print and 3-color back print will incur a $105 screen fee. This is a one-time fee that we don’t charge again for reprints of the same design, and we will keep your design on file forever and ever.

Out of Stock Items

While we source garments from a variety of distributors to ensure you can get the shirts you want, some items just won’t be in stock. We’re happy to check stock on any items as soon as you can tell us what you want, and we can often find a great alternative if something can’t be found.

Specific Measurements

Some folks prefer to have a specific set of instructions for printing. While we are very good at following directions, it’s important to understand that each shirt is loaded by hand onto a print press. If you want the print placed at a specific distance from the collar, we will do our absolute best to match that, but it’s impossible to be perfectly consistent for every shirt. If the print is within an inch of the target area, we will not consider this a misprint.

Customer Supplied Garments

We’re happy to accept any garments that you want to personally bring in to be printed, but they must follow these guidelines:

  • Supplied garments must be pre-approved by your account manager, ahead of delivery. If you know the style number for your garments, we can research and determine the garment’s printability. If we are unsure for any reason, we may ask you to drop off a sample of the garment to review.
  • If any of your garments are deemed risky to print (ie easily damaged in our print process), we will alert you ahead of time and may refuse to print those garments
  • Garments must be clean/unused prior to delivery.
  • Your order needs to be approved before dropping off your garments. We will not be liable for any garments delivered to our shop if we do not have a written record and approved/paid invoice beforehand.
  • We pride ourselves on our effective receiving process, but receiving 3rd party shipments [ie your supplied garments] requires a bit of extra work. All supplied garments are subject to a $1.00/pc handling fee. Regular quantity price breaks are waived for supplied-goods orders. If garments are individually bagged or individually folded, we may increase the handling charge.

Changes/Cancellation Made After Approval

Once we have your design mocked up and your shirt picked out with specific sizes, we will send you an invoice listing out your full order. Your approval on this invoice is the last step we need to move forward– please read the fine print carefully before approving! Once we get the go-ahead, that invoice and mockup is locked in and cannot be changed. We are not responsible for any errors that exist in either an approved mockup or invoice, and it is your responsibility to make sure our information matches what you want to order before approving.


Please let us know upon requesting a quote if you need us to ship your shirts. We default to UPS Standard Ground, and shipping cost will depend on the size of your order. A 24-shirt order usually starts at around $30 shipping. Shipping time varies by location, and this time is not factored within our 2-week turnaround. We’ll be happy to provide shipping options and pricing upon request.

Payment, Pickup, Etc

We are happy to accept payment via check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and cash. Card transactions are subject to a 3% lost cash fee. We also provide a free and easy ACH bank transfer option to avoid this fee. If paying in cash, please bring exact change. Please expect to pay a full deposit before we proceed with printing. Orders must be paid in full prior to pickup, either over the phone, online, or in person at our sales office.

Customers should arrange to pick up their order between 9 AM and 5 PM, Monday – Friday at our location in East Nashville. Please enter from the bay door behind the building, accessible through the alleyway off of Granada.

1045 Granada Ave. Nashville, TN 37206

Returned Checks

Bounced checks will result in a $30 fee added to your invoice. We will notify you immediately if your check bounces.

T-Shirt Statute of Limitations

If you are unhappy with any part of your order, we will need that claim submitted to one of our account managers within 1 week of delivery in order to be considered. Any claims outside of that window will not be considered.

Have a question? Don’t see your answer here? Give us a call (615) 357-0158 or send an email to